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The basis of successful trading on Forex is the efficient learning of not only the trading base, but also a formation of own strategy and a lot of other special points. Today a lot of information about currency market, trading strategies and Forex trading can be found in the internet, but these knowledges are difficult to sort out. Moreover, it is impossible to identify where is the truth and where is the lie, what strategy works, and what doesn’t. As a consequence a trader makes a lot of mistakes and can get disappointed in trading once and forever.

There are a lot of trading courses for beginners, webinars and seminars, but there is no guarantee that you will get all necessary skills even having paid money. Many of them are held by either traders who don’t make profit on the market, or “bucket shops”, which have the only goal – take your deposit away. The result is always deplorable: loss of money and time. How to solve this problem?

FxAdvice offers trading education for beginners and even experienced traders with professional fund manager working with huge investors. Your level of knowledge, gender or education don’t matter. We study everybody!

Our goal is to make you successful traders, which really make profit!

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The precise algorithm of analyzing the market on the basis of the volume-delta strategy


How to use professional soft


Knowledges of how to manage your trading account and a working risk management system


Psychologic confidence and stability in trading


Practice skills of using the trading system


A clear understanding of entrance/exit points in the market


Educational Plan

Theory (2 weeks)

Chapter 1. A look at the FOREX market through the prism of futures

  • Definition of a futures contract, its expiration and features;
  • Open interest, volume, deltas as basic analytical information on futures;
  • Use of data on futures for trading on the FOREX market.


Chapter 2. Professional software for analysis of open interest and volumes

  • Acquaintance with professional terminals (Thinkorswim,, Clusterdelta);
  • Detailed algorithm of use and full customization of platforms;
  • Use of volume indicators and deltas in MetaTrader 4.


Chapter 3. Open interest and sentiment as indicators of the strength of the trend

  • Definition of open interest and its implications for market analysis;
  • Market sentiment or the mood of the “crowd”: definition and usage in trading;
  • Analysis of the strength of the trend through open interest and sentiment of the market;
  • Patterns of interaction of price and open interest;
  • Trend trading, searching of the best entry point.


Chapter 4. Analysis of the FOREX market with the help of volumes

  • What is the volume and its value in the formation of the price
  • Use of vertical and horizontal volume, market profile;
  • Determination of movements and entry points of market-makers using volumes;
  • Synthesis of price action and volumes, the identification of volume levels and zones.


Chapter 5. Identifying the market balance using deltas and cluster analysis

  • What is the delta and what is its impact on the price, the concepts of ASK and BID deltas;
  • Determination of market balance through ASK and BID deltas;
  • The significance and features of cluster analysis, its use for intra-day trading;
  • Synergy of using deltas and cluster analysis to determine the best entry and exit points.


Chapter 6. Risk management and psychological preparation of the trader

  • The definition of risk management and its importance for successful trading;
  • Using mathematical expectation, determining the size of positions;
  • Diversification of risks through the formation of the right portfolio of trading instruments;
  • Detailed analysis of the main mistakes of traders and recommendations for their elimination/avoidance;
  • Psychological traps in trading, how to overcome them;
  • Trading plan and discipline as the basis of profitable trading.
Practice (1 month)
  • Daily discussion and analysis of deals and trade ideas, correction of mistakes;
  • Joint analysis of the market situation, identification of the most promising instruments for trading;
  • Online assistance in real time trading;
  • Repetition and consolidation of the passed course, preparation for independent trading.

During the course every learner gets $2000 real account for trading! It is our guarantee of quality!

Price of Education

The Shortened Course

2 weeks of theory
2 weeks of practice
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The Full Course

2 weeks of theory
1 month of practice
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Group Course

Theory and practice in the group (2-3 learners)
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We accept bank wires and Webmoney. Individually may consider other payments methods. Provide 1 year of all-around assistance in trading after finishing our courses.

Trader - Yurii Kisel

  • Started his trading career in 2012, has an experience of managing accounts that exceed $200.000
  • Developed his own unique system, based on volume-delta analysis
  • Use different trading tools: sentiment, open interest, volumes, deltas, cluster analysis

We provide an annual teacher’s statement before starting the training

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You spend 1.5 months for education instead of 1-3 years of developing strategy by yourself


Average profitability of traders, who finished our courses is 9% (with standard risk)


For the last 2 years more than 50 traders finished our educational courses


68% of our learners become fund managers

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