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Thousands of traders around the world are facing the same problem – fraud Forex brokers. Such companies zero client account, merge his deposit, don’t pay his profit or just close. The situation with fund managers is not better: many of them are crooks too. What to do in such situations and is there any exit? If broker deceived and you lost money, do not despair! FxAdvice provides services of returning money from Forex and Binary brokers! We will get back your money, if they were transferred via bank wire or online payment system. No fantastic – we use a chargeback service. Skilful conduct of business guarantees positive result! Our goal – to return client’s money and to restore justice FxAdvice – your reliable support in tough situations!

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What is Included in the Refund Service from a Broker?


Free consultation


Creation of the requirement for money returning


Filling out all necessary forms and documents


Sending inquiries to banks/payment systems


Pressure on the fraud company


Full control over the progress of the case


Client gets reports about the work done on his email

Due to some legal expenses we charge minimal prepayment to cover them. We charge a service fee only after the successful return of client’s money. Its size depends on the amount of lost money and difficulty of a situation. It fluctuates within 5-30% of a deposit. The larger the sum, the lower our commission.
Accept payments via bank wires, cards, payment systems – any comfortable methods for you.

How Do We Return Money?


Through bank and online payment systems


If the term of the transfer is not longer than 540 days


Preparing documents takes from 2 weeks till 1 month


The procedure for disputing payment through the bank lasts from 60 to 90 days


The minimum amount is $3000


Profitable terms and minimal prepayment


Why It is Better to Ask Professionals for Help?


We have large experience: 10+ years in banking business and 5+ years of returning money


We have returned more than $1.7 mln since the foundation of the company


More than 130 clients have already got their money back


In 80% of cases we achieve full or partial return of money


We work not only with brokers, but with online casinos, gambling websites, etc.

We advise to ask professionals for assistance as autonomous preparing of inquiry and also ignorance of rules and regulations of payment systems may lead to the chargeback loss. After the loss of a chargeback, noone can help you!

How Does a Chargeback Look Like?


Step 1. The cardholder applies to FxAdvice, after acquaintance with the documents, our specialists assess the possibility of a chargeback.

  • Prepare a protest for the transaction
  • Contact the issuing bank and provide information on the transaction which the client wants to challenge

Step 2. Issuing bank

  • Examines the cardholder’s right to refund
  • If the application meets the requirements, it informs the buyer about the validity of its claim for a refund (in electronic form)
  • Apply for chargeback

According to the rules of the bank, the processing of the application takes from 5 to 15 working days.

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Step 3. Payment system Visa, MasterCard

  • In electronic form, reviews applications (chargeback) for compliance with technical criteria
  • If the data corresponds, then inform the buyer’s bank (in electronic form)
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Step 4. Buyer's Bank

Receives a response from the payment system, and forwards the request to the Online-seller bank

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Step 5. Merchant

  • Receives information about chargeback.
  • If possible, under certain conditions, provides documents for challenging the chargeback.
  • If these conditions are not met, the merchant must agree and accept the chargeback.
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Step 6. Seller's bank

  • If the online-seller’s application is justified, then it prepares an application for the refusal of the chargeback
  • Submits an application for challenging the chargeback to the system for mutual settlements (Visa, MasterCard or American Exchange)

Step 7. Issuing Bank

  • If the seller’s bank disputes chargeback, then the issuing bank can send a chargeback application to the arbitration system for mutual settlements (Visa, MasterCard or American Exchange).
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Step 8. Arbitration of payment system (Visa, MasterCard, American Exchange)

  • View electronically the submission of an application from the issuing bank to arbitration for compliance with technical requirements.
  • Make a decision that is binding on all parties involved.
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Step 9. The card owner

  • Gets information about the resolution of the dispute. If a decision is made in his favor, money is returned to his bank card.

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